Fresh Hand Sanitizer

Alcohol Antiseptic 80%
Non sterile topical solution.
FDA Approved

Fresh Hand Sanitizer - Alchohol antiseptic 80% - Non sterile topical solution.

Alcohol Antiseptic 80% - FDA Approved
Prevent Coronavirus Covid-19

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Kills 99.99% of germs

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FDA Approved

Fresh Hand Sanitizer available in the following presentations

Fresh Hand Sanitizer
4 Oz.

Fresh Hand Sanitizer
8 Oz.

Fresh Hand Sanitizer
1 Gallon

Fresh Hand Sanitizer 
5 Gallons

Fresh Hand Sanitizer
265 Gallons

Where can it be used?

Phones, computers and accessories

Hospital and nursing home facilities

hands and arms

Office & work spaces

Home use & shopping mall

Spa, Gyms & shops

Where we are located?

Buy online and claim your Fresh Hand Sanitizer in our physical store and receive a 10% discount.

Alcohol antiseptic 80% - Non sterile topical solution.

FDA Approved ingredients and facilities – Meet’s U.S quality standard (made in Tennesse, USA) – Total liquid form,for use on hands as well as on hard or soft surfaces. – Free from pesticides and harmful chemicals – Mild solution for all skin types – Great for on-the-go users

How to use Fresh Hand Sanitizer ?

First, note: Sanitizers may be less effective on dirty and greasy hands. Hence, ensure your hand isn’t visibly dirty or greasy before applying your sanitizer.  That said, here’s an effective way to use hand sanitizers:

Apply the sanitizer on a palm. Rub content, generously, on both hands. 

Continue for about 20 seconds, to ensure the solution covers and dries on your entire palm, beneath, and all your fingers.

 Do not wash hands after application. Allow airing dry.

Apply again as necessary — mainly when water is scarce or unavailable.


Possibly. On rare cases though – mostly with knockoff products. Consult your doctor if you notice any reaction after application. That said, top quality products like FRESH are carefully produced with various skin types in mind.

Although a DIY hand sanitizer is possible, FDA discourages homemade sanitizers. Many attempts have resulted in ineffective solutions that rather cause burns and related skin irritations.

WHO mentions alcohol-based hand sanitizers as a more efficient antiseptic. It recommends premium hand sanitizers with not less than 60 percent alcohol concentration.

The current global health concern – COVID 19 – amplifies the need for proper hygiene. Like never before, premium hand sanitizers are indispensable. Noteworthily, all sanitizers are not of the same composition. When scouting, prefer products with over 60% alcohol content, and skin-friendly adds like Glycerine , which is a substance that retains moisture. Humectants work by drawing moisture from the air and delivering it to the skin.
Because of it’s moisturizing abilities, glycerine helps prevent wrinkles, breakouts, and improves the overall health of the skin.

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